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Acknowledging that there appears to be confusion on the Commission’s current guidelines on “preventing digital deception” in online advertising and asserting that “some companies are wrongly citing the guides to justify practices that mislead consumers online,” the FTC has decided its time to freshen up their guidance documents, starting with a public comment period.

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“Absent any major revisions by the Senate,” the report noted, “the likes of Netflix, YouTube and even Instagram will soon be forced to subject their content to Canada’s famously onerous strictures on Canadian content. But less discussed is how Bill C-11 will also apply to the internet’s vast wilderness of streaming pornography.”

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The actual vagina is the canal passage that goes inside from your uterus down to the outside opening of the vulva. This passage or organ contains a multitude of bacteria, called micro-organisms, sometimes referred to as microbiomes or vaginal flora. These all work to keep the vagina healthy.

Well, let’s nix the horror right now – be happy you have wrinkles, they’re a good alternative to a coffin. Of course, if you’re twenty and still enjoying flawless skin, don’t worry it’ll happen to you too (said with jealousy), so read on, because it’s never too late to start a face routine. You’ll thank me years from now. Promise.

Ladies, the Coolidge Effect is not just for the men. There have been research studies that have shown that, while less pronounced, it has similar effects on you as well. Dr. Justin Lehmiller, provided that female hamsters will mate with one male until they reach the point of sheer exhaustion only to find renewed energy when a new male has been introduced to the environment (2017).

The focal point will be the animated Carousel Bar under the Plaza’s iconic dome. The 2,500-square-foot venue will include a cooling system and seating for about 100 guests overlooking the west entrance to the Fremont Street Experience.

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On May 18, 1926, McPherson disappeared from Ocean Park Beach, in Santa Monica, CA. Presuming she had drowned, searchers combed the beach and nearby area, but could not locate her body. Immediately, McPherson sightings occurred around the county, often in widely divergent locations many miles apart on the same day. The Angelus Temple received calls and letters claiming knowledge of McPherson, including demands for ransom. After several weeks of unpromising leads, Mildred Kennedy regarded the messages as hoaxes, believing her daughter dead.

A few traits at describe me are Fine Artist, Creative Entrepreneur, Muralist, Illustrator, Award Winning International Bodypainting Champion and Starring Artist of Skin Wars Season 2 and Skin Wars Fresh Paint (Game Show Network) GSN National Television.

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As the weather turns, we tend to crave heartier dishes. That’s just one of the things I like about fall, and that I enjoy about creating recipes for friends during this time of year. Today I am presenting a shareable dish and drink recipe, both that speak to the essences of fall and are perfect to share with friends or just your loved one during this time of year. It is my hope that as colder days set in, these recipes bring warmth to your home!

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