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We can’t always control what’s in our food – it can be nearly impossible to assure that everything we’re consuming is 100% safe, from animals that have grazed on grasses affected by acid rain to soil that has lost its nutrients from being over farmed, from high fructose corn syrup that sneaks its way into products – but one thing we can do, is to be aware of fruits and vegetables that are heavily doused with chemicals and avoid them.

Alpha Vs. Alpha Being kinda controlling, dominate is who I am. It drips off of me and runs it’s course through my veins. It’s not uncommon to have people think I’m just a bitch but on one evening it was welcomed, challenged and topped.

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A few traits at describe me are Fine Artist, Creative Entrepreneur, Muralist, Illustrator, Award Winning International Bodypainting Champion and Starring Artist of Skin Wars Season 2 and Skin Wars Fresh Paint (Game Show Network) GSN National Television.

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